Welcome to the BRSU governance site. This site contains useful information pertaining to our school board meetings, agendas, minutes, and policies.

To find a specific board policy, type the word "policy" in the search box. Alternatively, you can search the site on a specific policy topic.

The BRSU is composed of eleven school districts. Each district has a school board and at least one representative on the BRSU board. All meeting agendas are prepared through the BRSU office. If you have a question about a particular meeting agenda, please contact the BRSU at 802-362-2452.

Meetings after March are proposed meeting dates until the Boards have met in March for their organizational meeting.

Upcoming Meetings

February, 2017
Union District #23 - Annual Meeting
Mountain Towns RED - Annual Meeting
March, 2017
Union District #47 - Annual Meeting
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Past Meetings

February, 2017
BRSU Bargaining Council - Regular Meeting
Sunderland - Regular Meeting
Dorset - Regular Meeting
Union District #23 - Regular Meeting
Union District #47 - Regular Meeting
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